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Pets & Animals in Lancaster


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We are specialized in breeding birds / parrots and we sell very fertile eggs by candlelight of all parrot species. all of our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary, proof of candles and 100% confirmed as fertile for hatching healthy babies. We are now receiving orders from those who are interested in raising their own offspring from the eggs stage. It is fun to incubate your own baby (s) from eggs and we will help you in any way for your birds to hatch successfully. Below is a list of some of the birds and eggs that we have for sale. or WhatsApp ……. +447451206409

Timneh’s gray eggs
umbrella cockatoo eggs
Palm cockatoo eggs
goffin cockatoo eggs
Cockatoo eggs Gallah
Blue and gold macaws
red macaw eggs
green wing macaw eggs
hyacinth macaw eggs
sollomonsisland eclectus eggs
dh amazon eggs
I play tucan eggs
cockatoo eggs
Senegalese eggs
Conures Of Eggs.
blue and gold macaws
catalina macaws
Ccarlet Macaws
Hyacinth Macaws
capri macaws
harlequin macaws
camelot macaws
buffalo macaws
hahn macaws
llama macaws
calico macaws
military macaws
green wing macaws
harligold macaws
Northern quail and fertile fresh eggs
Leghorn chickens and fertile fresh eggs
Red star chicken and fertile fresh eggs.
sollomons island eclectus eggs
dh amazon eggs
I play tucan eggs
Senegalese eggs
Conures Of Eggs.
ostrich’s egg
chicken chicks
chicken eggs

All our eggs are shipped along the side VX turbo incubators DVD copy on paper and handbook to guide beginners raised their parrots successfully. The shipment is available upon request. You can request a contact. or WhatsApp ……. +447451206409

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