Adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for sale

Pets & Animals / Leicester / England / United Kingdom / ID 184 / Posted on: 23/08/2020 by susanrosy11

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Adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for salewho is white parti and dad is a local stud called Bobby who is 100% white and a Russian Import. There are 3 girl’s and one boy available and a will secure the puppy of your choice. Girl 1- RESERVED. Girl 2- RESERVED. Girl 3- available. Boy- available. Pups are being raised in our family home with mum, they are used to household and family noises and are being handled regularly. Pups are all doing fantastic, I only want caring loving homes for these beautiful babies. Pups will
leave at12 week’s old microchipped alongside 4 week’s free insurance. Please get in touch with any enquiries you may address whataspp numbers 07466652906 for more detail and some picturesfor a lovely home

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